Train Radar

Train Radar Shows You Real-Time Train Traffic

“Your time is valuable, so why waste it looking at train schedules?”

With Train Radar, you can see real-time train traffic, saving you time and giving you peace of mind. 

Now you can see exactly when your train will arrive and save the hassle of standing around waiting to see whether or not your train has been delayed yet again. 

Don’t spend hours wondering if your train will be on time or if you should switch to another one—get real-time information with this Train Radar.

Train Radar - The Train Tracking Solution


What makes Train Radar unique is its simplicity. By focusing on only real-time train traffic, Train Radar eliminates extraneous information while providing a smooth and accurate user experience. 

Set up is incredibly simple. Just enter your location and you’re good to go! In addition to being a great tool for commuters and travelers, Train Radar also provides key safety features such as blocked crossings and black ice reports via status bar notifications. 

And if you miss your train? No problem! Just launch Train Radar when you’re next at home or away from a station and it will give you estimated arrival times for trains in your area that are departing soon after yours.

Watch the Train Approaching

Do you travel via train often?

If so, and you’re looking for a way to keep track of your route, Train Radar is here to help.

The app uses real-time train data and keeps you informed when your specific train will arrive at its destination.

It also gives users updates about delays and schedule changes, as well as historical information about trains—like how long a particular trip takes. 

Anyone who travels by train on a regular basis can benefit from using Train Radar to get an idea of where their train is located during any point in time. 

While it may not tell you exactly when your next stop will occur, it does provide commuters with some peace of mind knowing that their trip will go smoothly without needing to worry about missing their stop.

Train Radar – Ride in Comfort


With Train Radar, you’ll never have to worry about missing your train. 

The app displays real-time information on your iPhone screen so you can see how long it will take for a train to arrive at a certain stop and when it will pass through. Watch Train Radar today!

What’s New on Train Radar?

Train Radar is adding a new mobile-friendly way to show you train traffic in real-time. 

Now when you visit Train Radar on your smartphone or tablet, we’ll give you a dedicated tab with our real-time train traffic information and full schedule for that specific station or stop. 

If a train has been delayed, canceled, or rescheduled we’ll let you know when it’s expected to leave again so you can make an informed decision about how long of a wait will be needed before boarding. 

This new layout also helps us serve up the most important informations that are relevant for you. And of course, Train Radar is free to use! 


No Need to Stress Anymore!

Are you tired of looking at a blank screen while you wait for your train?

We are too.

That’s why we made Train Radar, a simple app that shows real-time information about trains worldwide.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how long it will take to get somewhere or if there’s another train with space available coming sooner, Train Radar will have everything you need!

How Fast Does a Bullet Train Go?


Bullet trains are moving very fast. 

The world’s fastest trains—Japan’s famed Shinkansen, or bullet train, and China’s newest high-speed rail—can each top 350 kilometers per hour (kph). 

But it takes more than just incredible speed to be one of these precision machines.

Track Your Favorite Routes & Stations

When it comes to tracking your favorite train routes and stations, you are a step ahead of your competition. 

So long as you are using Train Radar and are sure that you have a stable internet connection, we will track your commute for you—meaning that whenever a train is nearby, you will see it on the map!

Of course, if trains run every hour or two (or even less frequently), nearby might not be as helpful to you as someone whose commute is every 20 minutes. Fortunately, that person can still use Train Radar because we also give them detailed information about when their train will arrive at each station along their route.